Sep 12, 2022

The organizing committee of IASO NATCON 2022 at Madurai is taking all essential steps to make the event a memorable one. The preparatory works are going in full swing with sizeable registrations and patronage from you all.

 Regarding the feasibility of travel to and fro Madurai, which is a tier two city with limited air connectivity and routine occupancy of carriers with travelers all time, the air fare to Madurai might get high as we get close to the conference dates.

We feel responsible to suggest few other alternatives for people travelling from far.

If connectivity to Madurai via air is very expensive or not convenient following options may be explored.

1.     Flight to Trichy (Tiruchirappalli- TRZ) followed by an hour and half travel to Madurai via expressway (NH 38) by road.

2.     Flight to Chennai (MAA)followed by 7-8 hour relaxed train journey to Madurai with trains departing from Chennai Egmore and Central stations from 5 pm onwards.(around 6trains at one hour interval)

    Chennai – Madurai is also well connected by road with lots of good bus services plying round the time with a journey time of 7-8 hours.

3. Flight to Bangalore 

From Bangalore by Road or by trains(9hrs- overnight journey)

4.     Flight to Trivandrum (TRV) followed by 5 hour Road or train journey to Madurai. 

5.     Flight to Coimbatore (CJB) followed by 5hrs Road travel.


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