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Session title : Building sustainable educational and research platforms focusing on cancer surgery in India and the global south.

Description of session : Ensuring the delivery of safe, timely, high-quality and affordable cancer surgical care in the global south requires an adequate number of well-trained surgeons. Building sustainable, contextually appropriate and resource-stratified educational (will lead to adequately trained surgeons) and research (to deliver high-quality care) platforms are essential to build this workforce and deliver high-quality cancer care. This session will include speakers with expertise to outline the current situation, highlight barriers and propose strategies to address them.

Date : November 11th, 2023

Time : 14:00- 16:00 (London time)

Time Speaker Topic
14:00 Chandra Are Introduction to session
14:00-14:10 PK. Das Overview of the current educational systems to train cancer surgeons
14:10-14:20 SVS. Deo How to improve the current educational platforms for cancer surgeons
14:20-14:30 TS. Rao Strategies for maintaining competency of cancer surgeons in practice: challenges and opportunities
14:30-14:40 Senthil Rajappa Education of non-surgical physicians involved in cancer care: challenges and opportunities
14:40-14:50 Chandramohan Financing the educational platforms for cancer professionals
14:50-15:00 Q&A Discussion
15:00 Chandra Are Introduction to session
15:00-15:10 Stephen Sener Importance of research in cancer surgery
15:10-15:20 SP Somashekar Non-financial barriers to cancer surgical research and strategies to address them
15:20-15:30 Vijayakumar Funding mechanisms to promote cancer surgical research: Overview, challenges and strategies to improve them
15:30-15:40 Eman Sbaity Mentoring pathways to train the future cancer surgical research workforce
15:40-15:50 KS. Gopinath Role of cancer surgical journals from the global south in promoting cancer surgical research
15:50:16:00 Q&A Discussion

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